A List Of The Most Intriguing Dissertation Topics On British Literature

How to write a good dissertation on British literature?

It is fun to write a research paper on a British novel because the student has the chance to read a great novel and give their perspective on the book. Many great essays are written on many great British authors. Any person who has to do a term paper on a famous British writer should pick one who has inspired them.

Guidelines for writing a Dissertation in British Literature:

  • The graduate student has to pick a topic that has to be approved by the dissertation committee.
  • The student should choose a British author and novel that they really love and will enjoy writing about.
  • The paper has to have an Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.
  • The graduate must ensure that they do extensive research on the British author and their novel before start writing the research paper.
  • It is good to write at least two versions of the paper before working on the final draft.
  • Each copy of the paper should be reviewed by a professional editor to check for grammatical errors, sentence structure errors, or errors in spelling.
  • The final copy of the project should be carefully checked for errors and ensured that there is no form of plagiarism in it.
  • The writer of the research paper should ensure that all resources used to write the paper are cited in the popular form and style.
  • The writer must ensure that any quoted work is properly cited in the Bibliography of the dissertation.

Here are ten intriguing dissertation topics on British literature:

  • How does Charles Dickens view social class in his novels?
  • How do Jane Austen novels represent the role of women in high society?
  • What was the moral lesson behind Shakespeare’s Othello?
  • What is the major theme of British Romantic stories?
  • Why weren’t there many female authors or playwrights during the period of 1770 to 1830?
  • What is the significance of Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales?
  • Which Century in British Literature was the best: 15th Century or 18th Century?
  • Do you think that Sherlock Holmes changed the way murder cases were investigated?
  • What was the main theme of Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Macbeth?
  • What is the main theme of Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist and Great Expectations?

When choosing a topic for a British literature dissertation, you should pick an author and novel that is enjoyable for you to read.

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