Writing Ideas For Students: 20 Free Dissertation Topic Examples

Writing a dissertation is a serious endeavor, but choosing a topic is an even more difficult task. Students are often stuck at the very beginning and cannot come up with decent ideas for their papers. Let the following dissertation topic examples inspire you:

Free dissertation topic examples on education

  1. Education of deaf children: regular schools or specialized educational centers?
  2. Should disabled kids be educated by professionals in the field or by ordinary teachers?

  3. The “traffic light” approach by Yung: research on its effectiveness.
  4. How does this approach help improve classroom management?

  5. Should teachers be rewarded if their students get high results?
  6. Good teachers are not motivated nowadays. Should this situation be changed?

  7. Should home schooling and traditional school education be merged?
  8. Look for the advantages of both systems and analyze what will happen if they merge.

    Free dissertation topic examples on children and teenagers

  9. “Sexting”: causes, dangers, and solutions.
  10. Why is this behaviour common among teenagers?

  11. Children’s emotional development: from babyhood to teen years.
  12. How does parents’ aggression affect children’s psychological development?
  13. Refer to statistics to support your ideas.

  14. Youth supporting programs in the US and UK: comparative analysis.
  15. Investigate how young people are assisted in entering their adult lives in different countries.

    Free dissertation topic examples on communications

  16. Texting and language homogenization.
  17. How does texting fight with dialects?

  18. Should children be prevented from using social networks? Why?
  19. New communications technologies and disabled people: problems and solutions.
  20. Deaf and mute people still face problems of contacting other people. Are these problems addressed by modern communications tools?

  21. Writing versus speaking. Textual interaction instead of speaking in person.
  22. Research how people prefer to communicate nowadays.

    Free dissertation topic examples on management

  23. Customer loyalty programs in the US and UK: comparative analysis.
  24. Which programs are more effective?

  25. Family-owned businesses: strategies for effective management.
  26. What cultures are such businesses specific for?

  27. Sibling partnerships: possible pitfalls and successful models.
  28. Refer to real examples to conduct this research.

  29. Customer support management in two banking systems: comparative study.
  30. Free dissertation topic examples on environment

  31. Are beauty salons to blame for the greenhouse effect?
  32. Explore how small and medium businesses add to the problem of carbon emissions.

  33. Reduction of food wastes: possible solutions.
  34. Look for as many solutions as possible. Make new suggestions.

  35. Perspectives on home composting in rural businesses.
  36. How can small agricultural businesses benefit from this waste management strategy?

  37. Highway development and its impact on the environment. What are the negative effects?

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