Health Dissertation Ideas: How To Come Up With A Good One

Graduate students tend to struggle when it comes to developing original and interesting health dissertation topics for their graduate work. One of the major reasons for this is because one needs to choose a topic that captivates an audience to the point that they don’t want to put down the work, an achievement which is very difficult in projects of this scope. The review committee will have to read your content but you’ll have a better chance of impressing the members if they have your complete attention. The best advice is to write about what you like. But if you still find yourself having trouble coming up with a good health dissertation idea, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Discuss the cost and health consequences of emergency room overcrowding. What solutions are there and do financial challenges affect the reasons they have not been put into practice?
  2. An analysis of how financial recessions affect a person’s health. Do national issues have a similar affect than personal finances? What approach can public health take to minimize the negative effects?
  3. How does universal health coverage affect the way people approach personal health and preventative care? Do you think the costs outweigh the potential personal costs?
  4. What effects do community events have on a person’s health? For instance, do community events help a person become more aware of their personal health?
  5. What do public health concerns today say about how health policies have changed in the last decade? With recent dangerous bacterial outbreaks, do you think people are more concerned about travel or potential hazards within borders?
  6. An analysis of the racial and ethnic disparities and the quality of care in clinics. How does race and ethnicity determine the kind of health care one receives? Is the same true across all areas or does this only affect certain regions?
  7. Describe the importance of health-related life quality in people with diagnosed cognitive impairment. What challenges exist that prevent providing this kind of care?
  8. An analysis of the disparity in survival among newborns with birth defects. What does data suggest about certain kinds of available care and the effectiveness of each?
  9. Discuss the challenges in promoting health in schools within socio and economically challenged areas.
  10. What do people of different age groups feel are the most underserved health conditions? Health concerns change over the course of a person’s life. What does this suggest?

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