Finding Interesting Dissertation Topics In Human Resource Management

Human resource management is a field of study that deals with the interaction of employees, their work environments and their job requirements. As companies demand more profits, studies have shown that the comfort and happiness of a worker can drastically affect profit margins. As a result, many companies have begun employing human resource managers to implement directives that can increase a worker’s productivity.

Dissertations require serious work and dedication, authors have to compile large amounts of information on a subject, then complete a paper using this information. The first step is the selection of a topic and must be taken very seriously. the following is a list of dissertation topics in human resource management for you to consider:

  1. How important is the individual worker to the overall success of any company?
  2. How would companies fare if the departments of human studies was never incorporated into mainstream business management?
  3. What is the most effective way to incorporate theoretical human resource management theories into real world work environments?
  4. How to changes in trends affect currently implemented human resource practices?
  5. What role does the human resource department play in the processes involved in organizational changes in companies?
  6. What are the tangible assets that human resource practices provide to companies in the long term?
  7. What are the most effective methods of limiting the effects of personal biases among human resource employees?
  8. How do human resource departments find a balance between legally regulated ethnic diversity requirements and smooth workplace activities?
  9. What are the negative effects of manipulating reward versus performance aspects of an employees working experience?
  10. How efficient are the methods of hiring employees using objective methods of personnel assessment?
  11. What changes have human resource practices made to the existing wage gaps between upper and lower level employees?
  12. How much can an employee be encouraged to perform before it becomes a violation of their rights as a person and an employee?
  13. What are the possible causes of poor employee selection practices and how are the effects dealt with, after the fact?
  14. Some people make the jobs easier because of their effects on others while some people are capable of high performance under the right conditions. Are these points to consider when hiring personnel?
  15. Is the cost of extensive employee training worth the gains to the company afterwards?
  16. Are employees empowered by human resources practices in any way?
  17. Human resource departments serve the needs of the company, is this beneficial to the employees more than it is to the employers?

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