Writing An Outstanding Ph.D. Thesis: 25 Amazing Ideas

Most students fret about their Ph.D. thesis. The term almost always signifies immense pressure to perform and excel. However, the thing to remember about Ph.D. theses is that they need not be the next big thing. Your Ph.D. thesis can be on a simple topic and still be good. You only have to pay attention, work hard, and investigate your topic thoroughly. If you are looking for Ph.D. thesis topics, here are some good ones:

Writing an outstanding Ph.D. thesis: 25 amazing ideas

  1. The Timeline of English literature
  2. The Inclusion of Myths and Superstitions in Daily Life
  3. Taboo Customs and Their Workings in Daily Life
  4. The Seven Sins in Literature
  5. The Rise of Websites in Entrepreneurship
  6. Student Startups Culture: How far has it been successful?
  7. Supernatural in Popular Culture
  8. Hero Worship and its Psychological Implications
  9. Psychological Effects of Comic Books and Other Popular Media
  10. Analyzing the BDSM Culture: Comparison with Popular Literature and Real Time Subjects
  11. Fashion and Society: the Changes that have Occurred in the Definition of Fashion over the Years
  12. Analyzing the Traits of Anti-Social Behavior: Do we all have a Devil Inside?
  13. The Science of Phobias
  14. Dystopia in Popular Literature
  15. Military Leadership during War: Lessons to be Learnt
  16. Media and Business: How can Students turn the Internet into Money?
  17. Ethics in Online Business: Have the Lines Become Blurred over the Years?
  18. Private Investigations: Is Spying on People a sign of Dictatorship?
  19. Torture Culture in Popular Media and its Effects on Children
  20. Color Psychology and Inadvertent Applications in Everyday Life
  21. How much are People’s minds attuned to one Another? Can we actually create a Telepathic Connection?
  22. Governments and Economy: How Proportional is the Relationship?
  23. Comparing the Great Depression and the Wall Street Crash
  24. Jacob Lawrence and his Depiction of the Great Migration: Art reflects the Society it is made in
  25. Political Campaigning: Then and now

One of the ways to write an excellent Ph.D. thesis is to keep your topic as narrow as possible and inspire yourself. The narrower your field of study is, the better the chances are of you finding information that is relevant to your paper. Additionally, it is better to read up on studies that have already been done: if something inspires you, you should use it.

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