Composing An Impressive Dissertation Prospectus In History

History, a subject where the people and events haven’t changed since they happened, is one of the hardest subjects to develop a new topic to study. To truly impress those that are charged with grading and challenging your dissertation, it takes a little bit of imagination combined with a fresh angle on a certain topic or person.

First, it would pay off to take a new look at an obscure moment during a famous part of history. The benefits of this might include fewer perspectives, which means less competition, but also more intriguing research to be completed. It will keep you interested in what you are working towards.

When you arrive at a topic and begin composing your prospectus, your goal is to make the topic that you will be discussing engaging and thought-provoking, while also showing that you have a grasp on where your dissertation is going to end up.

Parts of an Impressive Dissertation Prospectus

  • The most important portion is the description of the endeavor. You will end up writing roughly fifteen or so pages that outline your project. In those pages, you will introduce many of your research questions and directions while also broadly answering them. Show off what research you have started thus far and where it will take you.
  • A working bibliography is also included in the package, as you want to display the sources that have helped you form your questions and your research. Vary your sources, including primary and secondary accounts when possible. Include works that provide different perspectives on your topic to show that you are joining the discussion rather than trying to create your own discussion.
  • A detailed working outline of the dissertation and perhaps a beginning of the first chapter will also show the dedication and style that you are bringing to the project. This way, you can show the advisor that you are progressing seriously in your research.

Combining all of the above into your packaged prospectus will create a foundation for your work that will impress anyone who takes a look at it. The main goal in history is to join the discussion of events and people but provide a different interpretation. To make it a truly impressive perspective, include all sorts of different sources and your own look based on your own factually grounded opinions. By doing so, you shall truly impress the committee reviewing your work, and you will be off to a great start on your research.

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