Who Can Provide Me with An Example Of A Dissertation Proposal 

A proposal for dissertation research is written prior to the major project. It encompasses two key goals:

  • to share the candidate’s plan for the project and ensuring that it is workable, specific, and narrow enough;
  • to elicit constructive suggestions from the advisory committee on how this plan can be improved and on what other objectives can be pursued in the ongoing dissertation project.

A proposal is a mini-research in itself. It consists of 20-25 pages, and includes a title page, a rationale section (where the purposes and scientific significance of the project are described), a methods section, and a proposed schedule for completing your paper. It should be appropriately formatted and carefully organized. If you want to develop a strong dissertation proposal, don’t do it at random. Consider looking through several proper examples before setting about working. The following people may provide you with great samples if you ask:

  • Your advisor.
  • Don’t be afraid of bothering your main instructor with requests. Your advisor is obliged to help you because he or she was appointed to monitor the whole writing process and get you onto the right track. Ask for a good proposal example, and you are likely to get a well-written sample that corresponds to all university standards as well as your teacher’s preferences.

  • Administrator of your university writing center.
  • Students’ dissertations and proposals are often kept in writing centers. As a rule, you are not allowed to borrow papers and copy them. However, if you ask an administrator to look through suitable examples on the spot, you won’t be refused. You may even take your assignment to the writing center and take some notes if needed.

  • Librarian.
  • Consider visiting your university library in search of good examples. Students’ academic papers from previous years can often be found in libraries or archives. Ask a librarian for help. It can take some time to find a sample in your field of study, but it is worth the effort. Don’t forget to say thank you for the assistance.

  • Doctoral candidate who is in the midst of completing their dissertation.
  • Think if you have a friend or acquaintance who has already defended a dissertation proposal and is now working over the project itself. You are lucky if you have one. This is your chance not only to obtain a proper example, but to be warned of possible pitfalls at the defense.

Looking for good dissertation proposal examples may be troublesome and time-consuming. However, if you acquire an appropriate sample, you can easily refer to it and be sure that you’re doing everything correctly. Visit ThesisHelpers to find more useful information.

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