Dissertation Writing Tutorial: The Fundamentals Of Creating A Great Paper

Writing a great paper definitely depends on implementing some great strategies. To find a way to effectively get the planning and writing done, keep reading. This short tutorial will give you some tips the best students use to create a successful paper.

You may be at the stage right now where you’re looking at a large pile of research notes and wondering what to do next. You know it’s time to buckle down and begin writing but you need a little direction. The first thing to do is gather all your notes together and form an outline. The purpose of the outline is to arrange, organize and develop your ideas. You can see at a glance if your ideas connect with each other, and if there is anything missing. It will show you if more research work is warranted.

The next step is to write a rough draft. Just write freely, following the outline, and not stopping to do any editing. The rough draft is a transition between not taking and writing the final draft. There will undoubtedly be several versions of the rough draft, as you continually revise as you go through the process. The rough draft is a starting point for good writing. Look at your development of logic, your transitions between paragraphs. Make sure you stay in the active voice and avoid short, choppy paragraphs. Likewise, avoid run-on sentences.

If you’re not sure where to begin, just choose a heading from your outline and begin. Professionals suggest writing every day. It’s the most trustworthy strategy for accomplishing your paper. Writing each day keeps you in the habit of writing and helps you to avoid procrastination.

Create your reference list as you go along. Every time you cite from a source, make notes or take ideas from a source, check and make sure citations are correct and the source is listed correctly in the references list. If you have been asked to use a particular style guide, such as APA format, get the necessary training either online or from an APA style book to make sure you conform to the style rules for writing and references.

Always spend sufficient time on editing and proofreading. This is a vital step often overlooked by students. Go over the final copy yourself. When you are confident with the work, hand your paper over to someone else to go through it and look for grammar or spelling errors. Spell-check software is not infallible.

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