Dissertation Topics For PhD: 25 Unique Suggestions

Everyone wants the title “Dr.” in their names but before you can acquire this title, you must be able to successfully complete a dissertation, to the satisfaction of your examining board. This can be tough and many great minds are pushed to their limits during this exercise. The most important advice for anyone attempting to complete a dissertation is to start early.

Before selecting a topic to work on, make sure it is one that you will enjoy working with. Failure to do this could result in a very unpleasant experience, requiring you to suffer through a very painful, troublesome process. The following is a list of 25 PhD dissertation topic suggestions for your consideration:

  1. Are ant herding aphids or are the aphids making use of the ants for their own survival.
  2. The effects of culture on academic success. Is there more behind the stereo type?
  3. The chances of humans surviving a large meteor impact.
  4. Should we be concerned about volcanoes becoming more active?
  5. Are pets a major contributor to human behavior.
  6. Transgender customs and the effect they will have on the world as they become more common.
  7. Is the frequent beaching of several whales on several coastlines a cause for alarm?
  8. The effects of cellphones on social behavior.
  9. Why our parents will never understand new technology.
  10. The superiority of a race.
  11. How gender affairs affect full time mothers.
  12. The feminist act and its lack of support for equality.
  13. Males are subject to more sexual discrimination that females.
  14. If men were to switch roles with women, women will no longer wish to have the same privileges that feminists claim men do.
  15. The effects that mainstream gay marriage will have on Christianity and its teachings.
  16. Why my ideals are better than yours.
  17. The meaning of life and how it can differ across species.
  18. The theory of evolution and its meaning for mainstream society.
  19. The reason behind the switch to team based performance rather than individual achievements.
  20. We will all be working online in the future.
  21. The cost of imposed advertisements through hidden web links versus the rewards.
  22. How effective are stereotypes in creating realistic impressions of persons?
  23. The difference between attractive women and average ones in the workplace.
  24. Quantum computers will be the trigger that causes the next stage of human evolution.
  25. We are one medical mistake from a drastic reduction in the population of humans.

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