PhD Dissertation Writing Tips: How To Compose A Great Introduction

Although it is better to write the introduction of your dissertation last after the body and conclusion, it does not mean it should be left till the last minute before you do so. It is important to compose a first draft of your introduction during the initial stage of writing your paper. This is mainly because it would help you to get a broader outline of emerging ideas and as well, give you more insight as to what you should research on and ultimately establish through your paper. In fact, preparation of your introduction should start the same time that you are preparing your research proposal.

Understanding that the introduction to your dissertation is the page that offers your readers the rationale for your project, it is important that you work hard towards composing a great introduction. Here are some tips to help you out.

  • Constantly Update the Page: In the course of carrying out researches for your project, you are bound to come up with newer and more interesting ideas. Each time this happens, it is necessary that you update your introduction in order to ensure that you are on the right track with your project.
  • Be Concise: A concise statement revolving around the dissertation question and the main aims of carrying out the research should be contained in your introduction. Also to be included is a very brief review of the literature being used for your work as this will show and explain to your readers the theory that is already established and the theoretical framework. If theoretical debates are contained in the literature being used, the introduction then becomes a good avenue to briefly offer your own perspective.
  • Avoid the Use of Jargon: Don’t make your readers go looking for their dictionaries at this early stage. Use a simpler language than the one used in the main body of your dissertation. As much as possible, use a few citations, if at all. Remember that this is more of a summary of your work, the simpler it is, the better for you and your readers.

The introduction to your paper will depend mostly on your proposal and set the scene for the rest of the paper. Don’t be scared to make the most of this page as you give your readers an idea of why you made a choice of the topic and what you hope to achieve through the research work.

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