How To Create Great Dissertation Titles On Mental Health

Writing a great dissertation title on mental health may not seem all that important, but it can be the key to creating the right mood in your readers. It shouldn’t merely be an arbitrary labelling of your graduate work, but should be the first lead towards the essence of what your academic work is about. Here are a few things you should know about creating a great dissertation title on mental health:

Using Clear Language:

You’re bound to make a better case for someone wanting to read your work if you can come up with a compelling and punchy dissertation title. Don’t start off on the wrong foot by creating something that is confusing, ambiguous or screams boring. If you don’t have a linguistic gift you might try throwing around a few ideas with some of your friends or classmates.

Consider the Category:

Dissertations on mental health fall into a specific category within psychology. Determine what it is you are presenting (e.g., a case study, an evaluation, an analysis, etc.) and look for examples of titles in academic journals or other types of published works. Don’t miss the opportunity to signal from the start what makes your work different from others.

Know the Focus and Scope:

The full extent of your entire research should be discussed in the opening chapter, but your dissertation title can serve as a sneak peek into the breadth of your work. Look towards your thesis statement for language that can be further focused towards a short indicator of what your purview holds. A focused title should let even those who aren’t familiar with your topic understand what it is they should expect.

Follow Conventions:

When in doubt you might be well off in checking with your department for any requirements or templates it has for this kind of assignment. If you don’t want to make a trip to the department office and you can’t find anything online, you should check with your academic advisor for any help. He or she may have archived copies of mental health dissertations from former students to hand out as samples.

Remain Distinct:

Don’t forget that you want your work to stand out and be memorable. This means not trying to blend in precisely with works that are similar to your own or ones that deal with the same topic. Get creative and aim to avoid generic and dry vocabulary or sentence structure.

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