Looking For A Great Journalism Dissertation Proposal Example

One of the major challenges that you might face while preparing your dissertation proposal on journalism could be the lack of proper examples that you might refer to. There are simply a lot of people and websites that claim to provide the right help, but often fall short of delivering. But the question still persists – where can you find a good example for your proposal in journalism. One of the first things that you should ensure is that you are clear about what exactly is the topic of your proposal.

Do not copy proposal topics

It is one thing flipping through some of the topics in journalism proposals and completely a different thing to copy these topics verbatim. You must understand that these dissertation topics are only meant for giving you an idea of the lines on which you ay frame your own dissertation.

When it comes to creating your own proposal, you must remind yourself of the level of originality that is expected from you. If your proposal is really novel and groundbreaking, it can do wonders to your journalism career.

Where do you look for examples?

There are several journalistic proposals that you will find, but only if you are able to visit the right place. In order to make sure that you are not distracted while looking for examples, it is important to watch out for a few things.

Firstly, do not fall for every random piece of advice thrown at you by passersby. People have the strange tendency to advice at almost everything and this will not do you any good. Here are some places that you may look for.

Proposals made prior to yours

If you are in a journalism school, there will surely be several people that you may look out to. You may consult your mentors, your seniors and even your own batch mates who have been in other school of journalism. The best place to look for help is in the proposals submitted the previous years. The benefits to this are:

  • The idea on what needs to be included and what needs to be excluded is clear to you.
  • You know about the volume of each chapter.
  • You may also find some good ways to conclude the dissertation proposal.

Apart from these, you may also go online to find resources for the dissertation proposal. All you need to ensure is that you do not land up on fraudulent sites.

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