10 Fresh Dissertation Topics On Nursing For College Students

Writing the nursing dissertation will be one of the toughest assignments you will ever encounter on your way towards starting your career as a health practitioner or nurse. While it is a requirement of all college students in this field, there are very few people who find it any easy. One of the toughest parts is coming up with a fresh dissertation topic. We want to relieve you of some of that stress and have come up with 10 great ones for your consideration:

  1. When it comes to determining the best nursing practices – how have patient personal response changed in the last half century and what evidence is there in terms of patient health that supports the change in approach?
  2. The U.S. Veterans Association is one of the most underserved populations in health. How do shortages in resources – such as facilities and staff – negative affect the kind of treatment veterans receive?
  3. With the rising cost of health care, fewer people are going to receive the preventative care they need, opting to save money and only going to a health facility in extreme conditions. How much of a burden does this put on those who do pay for services?
  4. What role do physicians have in the healthcare and insurance debate? Will they profit in from victory in any side or can they make more money with one?
  5. Healthcare reform has been a hot button issue in the United States for several decades – with one side suggesting that the market should remain free and the other side arguing that there should be some type of universal health care coverage. Create an analysis.
  6. Under which circumstances should doctors or other health practitioners reveal private or sensitive information about a patient’s health to family members when the person is an adult and can maintain privacy legally?
  7. Do you think nurses should have a greater say in the overall evaluation process of a patient? For instance, it is nurses who take vitals, deliver medication, and provide reports on the patients’ well-being.
  8. Will the rising cost of medication create a sort of bottle-neck in terms of the treatment quality patients will receive in the future?
  9. Which major trends have changed in nursing over the last decade? What factors have caused these changes? Technology? Communication?
  10. Will automated systems or robotics ever replace the need for personalized care currently provided by professional nurses?

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