7 Good Suggestions On How To Write A Good Dissertation Conclusion

Writing a good conclusion is a very good way of completing your paper. The following are some simple suggestions that will help you deliver a good one for your dissertation:

  • Reiterate the importance of the thesis statement
  • Complete the essay
  • Leave a lasting impression on the reader
  • Echo the introduction
  • Present a challenge to the reader
  • Cast towards the future
  • Pose a question

Reiterate the importance of the thesis statement

When you are writing the conclusion it is important for you to make sure that you are able to shed some light on the thesis statement. Remember that it is through this that you were able to indicate to the reader what you are aiming to achieve. Since the paper is done, go back, read it again and make it resound through the conclusion.

Complete the essay

If there is one thing that the conclusion is supposed to do, it is to complete your paper. Everything that you have done to this point must be complete. This section should therefore basically brush over and apply the final touches to some really good work.

Leave a lasting impression on the reader

There must be a lasting impression that you leave on the reader. You must invoke some concept, sentiment or emotion in them that will make them appreciate reading your paper. Challenge their line of thought if possible.

Echo the introduction

In the event that you are struggling to find something that you can write in this section, there is nothing wrong with mirroring the introduction. After all, the introduction to your paper summarized everything that you intend to discuss. For this reason therefore go on and do the same here. Provide a summary of the paper with respect to the introduction.

Present a challenge to the reader

Since the reader has gone through your paper in detail, you can pose a challenge to them to use some of the information that you have just discussed to do something in their lives if possible.

Cast towards the future

Another option that you have is to forecast your conclusion into the future, by emphasizing on how important your work will be to the ideas of the reader a few years from now.

Pose a question

One of the other ways of making a good conclusion is to leave the readers with a good question. It can be a specific question or a general question that helps them get a new perception of the topic.

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