Features Of A Powerful Introduction Of Dissertation

While you are in the final year of your graduate or post-graduate program, you have to complete a dissertation on your subject. Now, this is one such area where you need to focus on huge technical details. Students often get over-conscious while they have to write a thesis since they feel that they won’t be able to do professional justice to the paper.

That is why you must always do the following before you write your final paper:

  • a. Choose a topic which has interested you a lot
  • b. Do thorough research including previously published works related to your topic
  • c. Write a draft regarding your research question, methodology and what you already know about your topic from your previous research.

This will help you in having a rough knowledge about your topic. You will be assured what you want to study actually. Then you should move to writing a rough draft of the Introduction section of your paper.

You must remember, that the introduction is the most vital section of your research paper which will attract the attention of your supervisor. So you should be extra conscious about this section. During the preliminary via when you have to defend your thesis, you may be asked a series of questions based on the introduction you wrote. That is why you should write this section well and include inputs regarding why you want to study this particular topic, what is your hypothesis and what you want to explore. You should also be well versed regarding what you have written.

While writing an introduction, you must remember some features to be included in it:

Features of Introduction:

  1. It should always begin with an attention-grabbing opening statement which will grab the attention of your reader. A bland statement or something which the readers have read repeatedly earlier will de-motivate them within no time.
  2. An introduction must not be too big. Write your introduction within two or three paragraphs. Don’t say everything regarding your research in this section, but give some hints about your work. It shall be a reflection of your entire work. Outline the major areas of your research here.
  3. Don’t write something in your introduction which is not in sync with the rest of the research.
  4. The language shall be easily understood. Stay away from using jargon as much as possible. Since this is a section which must be easily understood, the wordings shall be straightforward and to the point.

These are some of the features you must keep in mind while writing the introduction.

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