Complete Instructions On How To Find A Professional Thesis Writing Company

  1. Talk. Discuss with some of the other students on your course about the possibility of looking for a thesis writing company. Get their views especially if they have had some first-hand experiences. Any personal recommendation is worth checking out even if it is just to finding out the costs.
  2. List. Before you start on online search make a list of your requirements. It will be quicker to do this at the beginning rather than search around for the information as you go along.
  3. Look. Using key words that pinpoint your field of study as well as the level of the work that you require, use an academic search engine to find a list of companies that provide a quality custom dissertation writing service. Ideally you need to find sites that specialise in this area as opposed to website that offers a general service.
  4. Checklist. Once you have found a selection of websites then short list a couple and start to make comparisons.

Here is your checklist:

  • Have other clients made recommendations? If so do you feel that they are genuine? See if they are affiliated to other websites.
  • Can you determine which country the website is based in? Would you be able to contact that company by telephone, skype or snail mail if needed?
  • Do they offer the service that you need and writer that specialise in your field of study?
  • Do they have writers that share your first language? This is important because academic writing follows a particular format.
  • What are the details for payment? Do you have to pay all of the fee before the work starts? Do they have a policy that covers you if the work is not to your liking?
  • Can they provide you with samples of work that their writers have already produced? Big tip, you should not have to pay for these samples.
  • As a matter of course do they check the writer's work for plagiarism? If you have to pay extra for this service then definitely move to the next agency on your list.
  • Is proofreading offered as an extra? Again the expectation is that the work that you are paying for should be proofread as a matter of course it should not be an 'extra'.
  • The fees should be displayed so you can easily make comparisons. Bear in mind the sooner you need the work the more costly it will be.
  • Ideally you will need to have direct communication with the writer.

Good Luck

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