25 Creative Thesis Topic Ideas On Information Technology

Well if you want to write a paper on information technology this can become quite tricky if you don’t take the time to choose the topic carefully. This is crucial, the whole paper will evolve around this main idea, so make sure that you do in fact know something about the topic and especially that you like it, since this will make everything so much easier for you in the end when you actually start writing, after you have done the necessary research for this.

  1. Intelligent transportation systems. There are many out there, mostly on cars but not only.
  2. Auto correct. Well it’s not very new, but it’s something that everybody struggles with these days.
  3. News feeders. Also there are many out there, but most of them are useless.
  4. Hospitality management systems. Well it’s something that everybody goes through in their lives, and most of them are not so good, especially if it’s a crowded day.
  5. Human resources.
  6. Tracking Tools.
  7. Proxy servers.
  8. Advertisement systems. This is a good one especially today.
  9. Photoshop Management. Good for whoever is passionate about web design.
  10. Security systems.
  11. Smart cars.
  12. Rocket engines.
  13. Micromouse. This is something new on the market but something that could revolutionize the pc industry.
  14. Network navigators.
  15. Electromagnetic tracking systems.
  16. Microchip technology.
  17. Robots. Well it’s an absolutely interesting topic especially since they are getting more and more “human like” and this might pose a big threat or help us in the long run. You decide.
  18. Smartphones. Everybody has one these days, the question is, is that such a good thing?
  19. Bandwith monitors.
  20. Inventory management systems.
  21. Vehicle Rental systems.
  22. Matrimonial websites. These are the “thing” these days, and many single people use them.
  23. E-logistics.
  24. Facial recognition software. They are implemented today in every possible way from our smartphone or tv to our main door.
  25. Digital pharmacy. There are some at the moment that let you pick what you need online and they deliver the drugs at home and it’s not expensive either. The question is: Is it okay for everyone to have access to drugs that should be given only to people with a serious illness, since they can cause severe addiction and they have many controversial side effects that the big pharma is trying to hide?

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