A List Of Powerful Dissertation Topics On The Education System In Canada

When writing your dissertation you need to choose a topic that is powerful enough to grab the attention of the reader. Finding a topic that will spark your interest will make it easier to elaborate and bring in details that others may have missed. You will also be able to put your own personality into your paper which will make it easier and more enjoyable to read.

  • Preschool education Montessori method is it improved system compared to the original education system?
  • Does the language and maths fare better in skills over the young children who don’t use this method?
  • Emphasis on language and maths standard should it be lowered to ensure that all children including the ones struggling can keep up with the curriculum?
  • Does the method need more support to meet failing students
  • University education are universities and college courses offered today in fields that are at demand and suit industrial age
  • Should tuition for medical school education be free or funded to those areas in high demand of skilled in
  • Parents reluctant to send children to school in UK due to drug and weapons crimes
  • Does lack of religious education in public schools promote secularism or loss of public morals, values and concepts in current generation
  • The rise in home schooling in the United States and factors influencing this choice
  • Is the Montessori method more focused on educating a whole person instead of their academic achievements?
  • The relationship between foreign language aptitude and musical ability
  • Current trends and relationship between action research and professional development of English language teachers
  • The differences of being educated in an urban high school and private school
  • Achieving quality for non speaking Canadians and fluent speaking natives
  • holistic education is it more important than academic and what are the defining differences
  • Are teachers equipped and trained to handle the pressure of problems associated with preschool and secondary students of the current age
  • Is teaching becoming a more dangerous profession due to drugs and more readily available weapons and children exposed to more social violence
  • Teachers responsible for the influence and characters that shape the young people of today and should they be accountable
  • Should governments spend more on adult education and training
  • More courses on environment conservation, energy conservation and resource conservation in demand
  • Survey on the amount of non speaking and speaking Canadians in education system
  • Why is parent involvement is important
  • Combining home and school together How Ada Brown Courtice changed Ontario’s schools
  • Examining tension between constructivist learning and logical positivist evaluation
  • Stem cell therapy and connection to Autism
  • Investigating mainstream teachers beliefs and experience with English language learners
  • The number of Canadian scholars who go on to college or university
  • Benefits of participating in international practicum placements

After taking the time to carefully choosing your topic, you will need to do some research and find reliable sources to write from. It is essential that you do not copy from the source. You want your paper to reflect your research and your own view of the topic.

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