List Of 20 Up-To-Date Dissertation Topics Related To Higher Education

Your dissertation project is the culmination of years of hard work in a specialized field such as education. It marks the end of some original research project and is often the foundation for future work on a given topic. Choosing a great topic is essential to writing a great dissertation in higher education, so we’ve come up with a list of 20 up-to-date topics to choose from:

  1. Evaluate the belief by many that higher education should be free as a form of investing in America’s future.
  2. Do you believe that rising cost of college and university education is negatively impacting society?
  3. Should affirmative action be repealed in order to provide a fair playing ground for students regardless of race?
  4. How effective are financial aid programs in helping students afford the exorbitant cost of higher education?
  5. Are college degrees as important and necessary today as they were just two decades ago in terms of professional success?
  6. Do you think colleges and universities should place a lesser emphasis on elective classes unrelated to a student’s major?
  7. With the rise of the entrepreneurial class do you think earning a bachelor’s or a master’s degree is still a better option?
  8. Will changing the curriculum in high schools lead to higher acceptance rates to universities and colleges?
  9. Is the system of tenure still relevant or does it harm institutions in that they are unable to finds spaces for younger instructors?
  10. Compare and contrast states college graduation rates for minority and low socio economic students?
  11. Do you believe state taxes should be used in any way to help fund religious affiliated institutions or should continue to fund themselves?
  12. Is standardized testing an accurate way to measure a student’s likely success in college or at the university?
  13. Should students who attend higher education institutions be completely free from having to join the military in times of conflict?
  14. What can be done to retain more students who arrive to college but struggle their first year and drop out?
  15. Should universities and colleges change the tenure system in order to encourage younger instructors to stay?
  16. Should more colleges and university encourage students to take core discipline classes later in their lives?
  17. What has been the most successful form of providing financial aid to students from lower income homes?
  18. How much do politics play in determining how students are able to pay for their higher education?
  19. How can the community encourage more students from lower socio-economic areas to attend college?
  20. How fair is it for private universities to raise the cost of room, board and tuition so rapidly while the rest of the economy remains stagnant?

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