How To Come Up With Good Thesis Topics In Economics

Writing a thesis in Economics

Preparing a good thesis paper on Economics can be a challenging task. And the most significant part of writing is selecting a topic for the paper. In order to select subject you must first understand what kind of thesis you want to write, as thesis can be empirical, theoretical or a survey. Even you can choose to write a combination thesis of all the three types. Whatever you want to write, you must be well aware of the subject you want to discuss. And for that you need to do research on the issue.

How to select a good topic?

The first and foremost task of writing a paper in Economics is the selection of a topic. There are number of ways by which you can select the subject matter that is most suitable for you. Here are some of the tips that can be followed by you to understand whether the theme you have selected is good or not.

  • Genuinely Interesting: First thing that you need to know is that the subject that you have selected is important and interesting for you or not. Don’t jump on doing a subject matter that doesn’t excite your interests. The topic should raise interesting questions, you get something to add to it from yourself and it should be fascinating from you and your readers.
  • Unique: Your subject matter must be unique and should not have been attended by anyone earlier. You can go through various issues in order to select a topic for yourself. But make sure that the theme you have selected is unattended by anyone previously. This will make your paper both interesting and fascinating for your readers. You must be the key source of the thought.
  • Acquiring Research Material: Make sure that you select such an issue that has enough research material. Try to narrow down the questions that you are intending to write on, and focus on them. This will help you find materials on various aspect of the topic.
  • Discussion: A discussion with your professors can help you select your topic on the thesis. Even if you have selected a theme it is better to discuss the idea with your professor. It is because he or she can help you by giving new ideas about the paper you are about to write and he can also rectify your mistakes if there is any.

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