Coming Up With Unique Sociology Dissertation Topic Ideas

If you have studied sociology as part of your degree then you may need to write a dissertation on the topic. If you’re struggling to think of good ideas to write about then the following may give you some inspiration as to how to think of an appropriate title for your piece of work.

Thinking of topics that you care about

Firstly, it can be good idea to think of topics based on a subject that you care about. For example, if you believe in feminism or you feel strongly about a topic, such as equal rights, then you may wish to investigate the issue further as part of your dissertation.

It may be something that you’ve experienced in your life, or something that you just feel is unjust in the world, and would like to examine why and how prevalent the issue is. Ultimately, if you’re passionate about the subject, then it will be easier to get motivated to carry out the research and write the work to as high a standard as possible.

Choosing sociology topics that you will be able to research

It is also worth bearing mind any research methods that you will need to use in order to write about the topic. For example, you need to bear in mind any ethical problems that may prevent you from carrying out the research as you would like, as well as any financial restrictions that could impact upon the quality of the research that you do.

To give you extra ideas as to what you may write about for your dissertation, feel free to look at the list of topics below:

  • Does feminism stand for equal rights or does it aim to subjugate men?
  • Can men ever be justified in hitting women?
  • Is the lack of awareness about domestic violence against men an indication of sexism within society?
  • Does white prejudice exist?
  • Do young people identify as strongly with youth sub-cultures today as they did in past decades?
  • Is it ever ethical to carry out sociology experiments on participants who have not agreed to take part?
  • Is positive discrimination ever justified, or is it just another form of discrimination?
  • Do employers discriminate based on what they perceive a person to be like after judging them solely by their name?
  • Are there ever occasions where it is acceptable to discriminate based on race or sex?
  • A case study of children who are raised by animals

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