Seven Great Ideas For Writing A Dissertation On Ultrasound

Ultrasound technologies offer a wide variety of potential dissertation topics in both the medical and IT fields. And as technology continues to advance at a rapid speed, it’s almost impossible not to find something new and interesting to base your research on by simply doing some reading into the subject. If you still find yourself having trouble narrowing down the focus of your research though, here are seven great ideas you should consider:

  1. Discuss the dependency of augmented reality for ultrasound scanning and how the experience of the examiner comes into play. Does this mean there needs to be more training for examiners?
  2. Analyze the effects of using ultrasound technology to administer medication to treat disease. For instance, certain cancer treatments can cause serious damage to normal tissues; the use of ultrasound can help administer treatment around healthy tissue.
  3. Using Doppler imaging technology to aid in ultrasound examinations. How echoes from the flow of blood can help fill the information that is absent by using just ultrasound technology? Why is this relatively new technology lagging behind in terms of medical use? Is the technology as accurate as studies suggest?
  4. How has ultrasound technology changed in the last decade that has greatly affected the way early detection of certain diseases? What can the medical community expect in the technology moving forward? Where does the push for more research come from?
  5. Echocardiography, a form of ultrasound of the heart, and some readings show deformation waves that can relate to cardiac stiffness. How as the research of the last 30 years helped develop new methods of producing accurate readings?
  6. Discuss new beamforming techniques and how said technology is being used to diagnose specific health problems or diseases that were impossible just a decade ago. How accurate are the readings and what does it mean for in-vitro monitoring?
  7. Research the methods for automatic estimates made for the velocity of sound in ultrasound imaging and how trying different speeds can lead to different more or less accurate readings.

These are just a few really good and original dissertation topics to consider for your own work or in modified versions. Be sure to consult with your advisor before submitting a proposal, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort in the development of a good topic and might even have a few resources directed your way.

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