Nursing Dissertation Ideas – 10 Areas You Should Explore

Everyone praises the work of doctors. However, not all people appreciate the role of nurses despite its significance. If you study to become a nurse, you’ll need to write a good dissertation in this field. The key aspect of creating an outstanding paper is selecting an interesting and meaningful topic. Some students need help with generating ideas for their research projects. A list of decent sample topics should inspire you to come up with your own unique idea.

Dissertation Topics in Nursing

  1. The most effective techniques for managing patients with mental health problems.
  2. The importance of community nursing for patients with the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
  3. The usage of text messaging for improving communication between nurses.
  4. The correlation between the level of stress and professional experience of a nurse.
  5. The effectiveness of a holistic approach to nursing elderly patients.
  6. The importance of the quality of interaction in nursing patients with mental health issues.
  7. Effective approaches to nursing schizophrenic patients.
  8. The impact of a continuing relationship between a nurse and patient on a patient’s health.
  9. The level of trust to nurses in rural areas and cities.
  10. The important role of nurses who specialize in caring for patients with dementia.

Structuring Your Dissertation

Even if you’ve chosen an excellent topic, you won’t get a high score for your work if you structure your paper poorly. It’s important to make a good outline before you start writing so that you don’t have to improvise.

First, you should have an introduction that provides the context for your research. State the main problem of your study and list your objectives. Give an overview of the following chapters.

The next step is to present your literature review. It should explore previous studies conducted in your research area. End this section with exact research questions that you’re going to answer later.

Now, you should explain how your study was carried out. Introduce your research philosophy and approach to collecting and analyzing data. Mention the factors that have limited your actions.

It’s time for presenting your results now. Make emphasis upon raw data first and only then move on to the discussion.

Lastly, compose a conclusion where you summarize your entire study. You shouldn’t present new material here, but you can make recommendations for future research.

A title page, bibliography, and appendices should be formatted in accordance with a style stated in the guidelines to your academic assignment. Proofread and edit your paper before submitting it.

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